CafeX sent a message to their partner about the partnership with CBA

CafeX issued a press release about a new business arrangement that CafeX has entered into with Communications Business Avenue (CBA). 

This agreement applies to license sales and maintenance agreements for the on-premises CafeX Live Assist product only. This news does not pertain to our cloud-based products, such as CafeX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

What’s the news?
The details of this announcement are as follows.
All new license sales of on-premises CafeX Live Assist worldwide, not only in Japan, will be directed to CBA as our authorized reseller globally. The product will be white-labelled as ‘CBA Live Assist Powered by CafeX’.
All new maintenance agreements or renewals pertaining to on-premises CafeX Live Assist will be directed to CBA to service these contracts directly.
Existing contracts and associated maintenance agreements in place today will continue to be serviced by CafeX. Please continue to use existing CafeX support channels for this purpose.

How do I get in touch with CBA?
Here are contact details for CBA if you need to reach out directly.

CBA has been a valued partner of CafeX for several years and the company’s employees have deep expertise across the CafeX product portfolio. We are excited about this new arrangement and look forward to continue serving your needs with the utmost care and confidence.

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