Boost your customer engagement.

Interpersonal connections with customers require various kinds of communication.

Live Assist can bring about seamless, online customer communication, providing basic channels such as audio and video chats, along with advanced functions, including co-browsing and form filling.

Leverage the powerful WebRTC-based features of Live Assist to maximize customer experiences.

Why choose Live Assist?

Smooth, tailored migration from Cisco’s REM

Cisco’s Remote Expert Mobile (REM) has been discontinued as an end-of-sale product. If you are looking for an alternative product, Live Assist is the answer for you. It has the exact same functionality as REM. Live Assist will serve as the perfect solution, providing the best migration experience. 

Quick communication

No apps are required to download and install. Customers can simply dive in and start communicating.

WebRTC communication

Live Assist supports WebRTC audio and video chat functions in order to communicate with customers. It can also seamlessly integrate with various systems, such as CISCO, AVAYA, GENESYS, and Asterisk IP-PBXs.


In addition to sharing screens or documents with customers, Live Assist offers input support that enables the operator to assist customers to fill out forms. Personalized customer experiences contributes to maximum customer satisfaction.


Live Assist closely integrates with existing web-based CRM and apps, which is not always the case with other packaged solutions. Live Assist is highly customizable, filling the needs of your own system.

Reliability and stability

Award-winning Live Assist has received high marks from a wide variety of clients, such as financial institutions, banks, medical organizations, and insurance companies, including various call centers.

What Live Assist features...

1:Audio and video chat

Start audio or video chat on your browser, while smoothly switching from either telephone or your web browser as the initial communication channel.
Customers can easily select their preferred channel to communicate with you.

2:Rich customer engagement

Screen sharing: Using just a single short code, you can instantly start screen sharing with the customer.

Form-filling: Assist the customer to fill in a form with proper information.

Annotation: Annotations provided by operators in the shared screen portion graphically illustrate what action is needed.

Document push: Share various documents with the customer in a smooth and easy interaction.

3:No need to install software

WebRTC technology enables all communication to be done using a web browser. There is no need to install and configure software or plugins. Utilize Live Assist’s rich functions efficiently on a web browser.


We can tailor our platform to your environment in order to meet your security requirements. Our platform can also be embedded into your own app, which enables you to maintain your existing system and facilities.

5:For “New Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed business and working styles. The new standard requires businesses to make a shift toward implementing non-contact customer engagement based on social distancing. Powered by WebRTC, Live Assist can support you so that you can boost customer engagement under the "new normal".

Company name: Communication Business Avenue, Inc.

CEO: Hiroshi Shibayama

Head Office: #508-YRP-1, 3-4 Hikarinoka, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan, 239-0847

40.16million (JPY)



Domestic and overseas office locations 




Year founded 

CBA Head Office

#508-YRP-1, 3-4 Hikarinoka,
Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
Japan, 239-0847