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Transform customer service with live chat, co-browse, video calling and bot support on your system – a brilliant omnichannel experience in your websites and apps.

What is CBA Live Assist?

CBA Live Assist is a software development kit (SDK) product based on the cutting-edge Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) technology. To implement CBA Live Assist, embed various CBA Live Assist functions, such as voice, video and chat communications, co-browsing, annotation, document push, and form filling, within your system, website and mobile apps.

Real-time communication creates brilliant customer experience for corporate service and support.

Why Use Our Platform?

Faster Time to Market

Use Configuration rather than code to simply drop collaboration capabilities into your business apps without the need to work with complicated APIs

Improved Productivity

Embed Communications directly within apps at critical points in workflows to improve efficiency and minimize users’ need to move in and out of tools

Enterprise Grade

Secure and reliable platform that scales globally and is upgraded continuously

Higher ROI

Maximize investments by integrating collaboration capabilities so that users are able to spend more time in your apps performing more advanced tasks

Better Customer Satisfaction

Personalize customer experiences by making it frictionless for online visitors to engage in context using their preferred digital channels and devices

Super Flexible UX

Our platform gives you broad control over branding elements, capabilities to embed and features to enable at a meeting or participant level

Use Cases

Live assist is used as…

Call Center
Application Support for Banks, Insurance, Credit Cards, etc.
Consumer Support for E-Commerce
User Support for Hotels and Travel Reservation
Remote Medical Consultation
Technical Support


Chat Bot
Remote Control
Screen Sharing
Document Sharing
Embed-in-All App
Integration with CRM
Integration with PBX


who use CBA Live Assist

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